O2 to push handset leasing for businesses in the new year


Operator will promote the one-year contract scheme towards the B2B sector more aggressively in 2013

O2 will relaunch its ‘O2 Lease’ service in the new year, which will be aimed at B2B.

O2 has offered handset leasing to consumer and business customers for around 12 months – using it largely as a retention tool on upgrades.

The service enables customers to sign up to a one-year contract, with the handset included within the price. At the end of the contract, the handset is returned and the customer has the option to then upgrade to the latest model.

The service has barely featured online and staff admit it is not pushed in stores.

But according to Dowd, from the New Year O2 will look to push the offering more “aggressively”.

“Leasing will be a much bigger part of the market next year in business,” he said. “There is a great opportunity for us to broaden the proposition to small businesses and partners. That then starts to change the economic around revenue and the customer investment cost. You could potentially evolve it beyond into the ICT space. Outside of the mobile game – businesses are quite familiar and that is something which will help.

“It is a proposition which absolutely works for high end products and makes it more appealing and more affordable for the end user and is a model we are really going to push
in 2013.”

O2 currently offers the iPhone 5 (pictured) for business customers on three separate 12-month deals. These start at £40 per month for the 16GB version, £45 per month for the 32GB model, and £50 per month for the 64GB.

Tariffs include unlimited UK Wi-Fi through BT, unlimited minutes, unlimited texts and 2GB of data. Additional data can be added for £4.17 per gigabyte.