Virgin warns of BYOD security risks


Virgin Media Business has warned companies need to have clear policies on the use of personal devices at work, as research shows just over half of IT networks had their security breached in 2012

Just over half the UK’s secure IT networks were breached last year due to employees using personal devices in the workplace.

Research by 500 leading British information officers found that 51 per cent of business networks were compromised by the so-called ‘bring you own device’ (BYOD) trend.

Virgin Media Business also found that smaller businesses experienced 25 per cent less breaches of security compared to larger organisations.

It warns that the risk of breach may grow in 2013 as tablets bought or received as gifts over Christmas find their way into the workplace.

Virgin Media Business chief operating officer Tony Grace said: “Last year was clearly a bumpy road for companies introducing personal devices at work. That’s natural enough as no-one has so far been able to come up with the magic solution.

“CIOs shouldn’t see this as a burden and in 2013 they can take the lessons learned and turn these personal devices into business enablers to really help drive the bottom line.

“With sales of tablets expected to have gone through the roof over Christmas, it looks like personal devices in the workplace is here to stay. But with just a fifth of large firms having a BYOD policy, businesses will continue to experience security breaches until connectivity, security and user policies are put in place.”