O2 turns to dealers for enterprise push


O2 is giving dealers additional support to help them acquire enterprise customers, or companies with more than 2,000 employees

O2 has launched a new B2B dealer programme designed to help its partners win business in the enterprise sector.

The ‘customer engagement programme’ was launched last month by O2 general manager for enterprise David Plumb at the firm’s head office in Slough.

It will provide partners with additional support to give them the confidence to target companies with more than 2,000 employees.

Plumb told the 20 plus Centre of Excellence partners invited to the event he wants them to each connect at least one enterprise customer in 2013. Dealers in attendance included Welcomm, Livvy’s, Aerial, Garnell Corporate Comms and Barclay Communications.

O2’s airtime distributors Avenir Telecom, Carphone Warehouse Business, Daisy Distribution and MoCo were also present. Plumb told Mobile News: “It will give our partners access to all areas of a proposal that they might not otherwise have.

“We would align specialists, whether in services, technology or just sales people, with the partners and bring in executives to support them, which is something I believe the other operators do not do.

“We put more focus on partners because we realised they have got unique value. I would love to see every one of those partners next year signing at least one enterprise customer.”