Northern Scotland last in line for 4G services, says Ofcom


Regulator says residents in remote areas will be last to receive LTE technology

Residents in northern parts of Scotland will be the last to receive 4G services,according to telecoms watchdog Ofcom.

The regulator is clearing spectrum needed to run 4G services and it expects to complete this in England, Northern Ireland and Wales by June next year.

However, it predicts some spectrum in northern Scotland will not be made available for 4G until around October 2013.

Ofcom has placed an obligation on operators awarded spectrum in January’s auction of 4G licences to provide the same indoor service to at least 95 per cent of the population of each of the UK’s Home Nations.

The update on spectrum clearance was given by Ofcom’s direc- tor of spectrum policy, Professor H Nwana, at a Westminister event called ‘finally 4G.’ Nwana also said the mobile industry will in future be expected to ensure there is enough spectrum to meet demand.

“Regulatory action should not forever make more spectrum available for mobile – the market must strike the right balance,” Nwana said.

“In terms of where more efficient use can meet demand, where the market can reallocate spectrum, we will spend more time on these issues after the auction.”