EE reduces 4G prices and unveils plan for data hungry users


Entry level plan costs £31 a month and is £90 cheaper over the course of a 24-month contract,  with tariff offering 20GB of data available from £46 a month

EE has announced a range of new 4GEE price plans to be made available from January 31-March 31, including an entry-level tariff for £31 a month.

This will entitle customers to unlimited UK calls and texts, and 500MB of data, as well as the option to choose from a range of 4G smartphones for a one-off fee, such as the HTC One SV LTE or Nokia Lumia 820 from £29.99, representing a saving of £90 on existing EE deals.

Customers on 24 month plans can also use their unlimited calls and texts abroad to select destinations for £5 a month, while a 12 month plan is also available for £41 a month.

EE said that based on customer feedback, it is launching a new plan offering 20GB of mobile data from today until February 28 that is available on a 12-month SIM-only deal at £46 a month. The bundle comes with unlimited UK calls and texts and is also available with the latest 4G handsets for £61 a month on a 24-month plan.

The first plan will cost £61 a month for those signing up after March 1, with the second costing £76 a month for those signing up after the same date. EE is also introducing a new 12-month SIM-only plan with 8GB of data for £41 a month.

EE sais it was launching the 20GB data plan based on customer feedback and said it addresses a small number of ‘super users’ (currently fewer than one per cent of 4G customers), who have shown a desire to use more than the 8GB of mobile data that is currently available on EE’s largest 4GEE plan.

EE chief marketing officer Pippa Dunn said: “It’s our aim to offer consumers the most comprehensive range of 4GEE price plans. With these new options we’re looking to not only make 4G smartphones even more accessible, but offer even greater value for the small number of super-users out there – ensuring EE really does offer a package that’s tailored for all customers 4G needs.”