Wireless deskphones usher last call for landlines


2013 is expected to herald an increasing number of business users around the world hanging up their landlines and switching to wirefree sim enabled desk phones.
Tecdesk wireless deskphones have been at the vanguard of the wireless deskphone revolution, developing devices that offer the best of deskphones but with all the advantages of using mobile networks.
Modern, progressive businesses in particular are increasingly switching to the flexibility of wireless deskphones, and taking advantage of the added functionality from deskphones with smartphone functionality such as the Tecdesk 5500.
Businesses are also questioning the unnecessary cost of using landlines when more of their telephony is used from their mobiles. The simplicity of having one bill is proving attractive.
Landline usage has been slowly diminishing in people’s lives for some time with many major telecoms companies around the world significantly reducing their investment in landline infrastructure.

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