Tyntec predicts surge in IP-based messaging this year


Mobile and SMS interaction service conducts study that says that IP-based mobile messaging will be just as popular as traditional SMS

Tyntec has said that IP-based mobile messaging will equal the popularity and ubiquity of SMS this year.

The claim comes from a study conducted between the mobile 9interaction firm and GigaOM Research, which shows that nearly 10 trillion SMS and IP mobile messages will be sent in 2013, predicting parity for the first time.

Tyntec said this follows a year of significant adoption in consumer-based internet mobile messaging, partly driven by the global uptake of technologies such as WhatsApp and Facebook Chat.

The research indicates this trend will continue, with IP-based messaging subscribers surpassing SMS user numbers last year, and 1.8 billion users sending 15 trillion messages per year by 2016.

Tyntec said that as users continue to migrate to lower cost messaging services for person-to-person (P2P) communication, they are forced to switch between IP-based messaging and SMS due to the lack of interoperability and inconsistent delivery associated with IP-based messaging.

However, despite the popularity of new IP-based messaging services, the report shows SMS will continue to grow by five per cent CAGR (compound annual growth rate) until 2016.

It adds that this is due in part to internet companies, social networks and enterprises continuing to take advantage of SMS’s ubiquity, interoperability and global reach for Applications-to-Person (A2P) messaging.

The report concludes that the growth of IP-based messaging and SMS solutions have ultimately reached an impasse and will be forced to converge as end users contimue to demand more streamlined messaging.

GigaOM Research has suggested virtual phone numbers as a solution to the fragmentation, as these provide a universal identifier to seamlessly converge the two technologies.

Tyntec co-founder and CTO Thorsten Trapp (pictured) said: “While IP-based messaging services such as WhatsApp are grabbing all the headlines because of their growth, it’s important to remember that they share the same core purpose of SMS, convenient and reliable end-user communication.

“By integrating the IP and mobile SMS world, companies can drive revenues and increase demographic and geographic reach quickly and simply.  This is why virtual numbers will be so important in 2013 and beyond.”