2013 predictions: Advanced Mobile Comms director Chris Griffin


Griffin reckons tablets will remain popular with consumers and spread more into the business market, whilst NFC and BYOD will continue to gather momentum

Following the phenomenal success of the Apple iPad over the past two years, expect tablets to stay hot in the consumer world and spread further into the business world.

“Employees are spending more time working remotely via mobile devices, including tablets, as the need for real time access to corporate data intensifies. Employees will increasingly be expected to demonstrate proof of time and attendance and manage tasks all via a mobile device.

“We will also see the full arrival of 4G. The main network providers will be tussling for the ever-demanding high-end consumer as handset and airtime availability broadens and becomes more affordable.

“The explosion of NFC or ‘wave and pay’ into the market place also means that personal payments via smartphones will become more common moving forward.

“As the BYOD momentum continues into 2013, the mobile device management market will see a boom in both the B2B and B2C sectors and don’t be surprised if you see some manufacturers merging to become one.”