2013 predictions: Daisy Group CEO Matthew Riley


Riley thinks businesses will have to introduce different products and services in a bid to stay ahead as they look at continuing to work in the most cost-effective way possible

“In 2013. technology will continue to empower businesses to improve their service offering, while at the same time increasing productivity and driving down costs. The economic climate looks likely to remain tough and businesses will continue to adopt the technologies that help them stay ahead.

“Hosted VoIP and video conferencing will continue to grow in popularity as businesses look for more flexible and cost-effective ways of working in the office, between business sites but also when employees are off-site.

“A phone system is about so much more than simply making calls these days; with tools such as VoIP, businesses can increase their mobility and enhance their flexibility whilst saving time and cutting travel expenses. As the shift to IP-based communication continues to grow at a rapid pace, the demand for these capabilities is only set to rise.

“With the advent of 4G, which can be up to five times faster than its predecessor 3G, businesses will start to experience significant productivity gains. Although, we’ll probably have to wait a few years before

4G is available across the board, we will see some businesses starting to take advantage of the productive qualities of bandwidth-intensive applications, such as video conferencing.

“Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) has many advantages in terms of productivity and remote working, but it will become more of an issue in 2013 and it will be crucial for companies to get their strategies regarding its adoption right to ensure the security of corporate data.”