2013 predictions: Emporia UK & Ireland country manager Gary Vincent


Vincent thinks that despite all the hype around 4G, it won’t take off this year, whilst consumers may ditch smartphones in favour of tablets

“The year will start with the 4G auctions, perhaps the launch pad to kick start a new phase in the economy, but for all the talk of 4G (and there has already been enough), I do not see 2013 as the year it takes off.

“What will be interesting will be to see the impact that the growth in tablet sales will have on the handset market. It might be the year when availability of portable tablets encourages a small but growing number of customers to ditch the smartphone. Perhaps there will be a resurgence of uber-long battery life talk and text machines to compliment that all-singing, all-dancing tablet.

“Mobile as a real solution to the country’s healthcare issues will be a big ticket agenda item in 2013. As the population continues to age, the issue of how we look after growing number of elderly people will move up the political agenda and mobile needs to deliver an integrated answer.

“I also expect to see apps moving into more niche and specific areas: healthcare; business; construction. The next generation of app makers will follow the money and build business enhancing solutions.”