2013 predictions: Frequency Telecom MD Gareth Limpenny


Consumers using mobile devices as their standard mode of communication will grow, according to Limpenny, with opportunities presenting themselves for smaller accessories manufacturers as that market widens

“2013 is already looking to be an exciting yet challenging year. Access to content on the move is now the key driver and consumers continue to look at ways that they can increase their bandwidth. With smartphone usage nearing 100 per cent and tablet sales soaring, more and more consumers are using mobile products as their standard mode of communication.

The launch and inevitable boom of 4G will have a huge impact on the industry. Networks will become increasingly judged on the quality of their data coverage, with data capacity being the key driver. Crucially, the industry has to get its messaging right so that consumers can buy into the new technology with confidence.

Regarding the accessory market, competition is fierce with more manufacturers vying for exposure and increased turnover.

Smaller manufacturers have a real opportunity in 2013 as retailers increasingly require unique solutions to bring in additional business rather than saturating what they already

have by offering more ‘me-to’ products. By working with distribution partners that understand the market and add value through focused campaigns and promotional activity, there is plenty of opportunity for the smaller manufacturers to make a real impact.

2013 will also see the broadening of the accessory market out to a much wider retail base. As consumers’ lifestyles and buying habits change, so does the way that these products are sold. Ultimately, the industry has to recognise that making new strategic partners will help towards long-term success.