2013 predictions: EBS sales director Andrew Dawson


Dawson reckons 4G will inject life back into the channel but won’t see mass market adoption just yet, with the ability to manage a sustainable cost base crucial in determining success or failure 

“Is this going to be a year that fundamentally changes the market landscape and injects some momentum back into the channel? Yes, the advent of

4G will stimulate some level of activity and encourage new opportunities.

“However, the reality is that 4G means very little to normal folk and the fact it’s faster when downloading a film or watching a video isn’t compelling enough to drive a mass market stampede as of yet.

“Notwithstanding this, as and when there’s new 4G entrants into the market place, more 4G devices will be available, pricing will be competitively benchmarked and for all of us in our sector, commissions should be richer.

“Therefore, as this market continues to evolve, by definition the business models many of us adopt have to adapt accordingly. The austerity measures facing the UK economy aren’t a short-term fix and all businesses, in all sectors, have to plan effectively.

“Managing a sustainable cost base that provides your company enough headroom to function efficiently and manage any unexpected shocks are paramount. Undoubtedly these will be determining factors in the success or failure of any business both in 2013 and the years ahead.

“This is a business that doesn’t protect the weak and reacts at the mercy of others. This is why to survive you have to be thought provoking, but at the same time street wise, albeit a little luck always helps.

“The channel will become more proportionate in terms of suppliers and distributors and Networks will look to share the risks and rewards more equally. Businesses will need to be more strategic and innovative in their respective sectors, in order for them to stay a head of their competitors.

“Whether you deal with an end user, a business customer or a trade partner, the key ingredients to success in terms of customer satisfaction are service and knowledge. Achieve these objectives and the business will evolve organically and your commercial integrity will be recognised for what it’s worth.