2013 predictions: HTC UK and Ireland director Phil Roberson


Roberson thinks 4G will significantly raise the level of performance on smartphones, while there will also be continuous innovation in audio hardware and software

Mobile phones have come a long way since the introduction of SMS 20 years ago. Today’s ‘always on’ approach to communication has made

us look increasingly to our smartphones as our window to the world, channelling not just texts and calls, but also social media updates, emails, music and entertainment on the go.

4G will not only help to fulfil our desire for on-demand consumption of content wherever we are, it will also take our smartphones to a new level of lightening performance, giving us the tools to enjoy a range of services we can only begin to imagine at this stage.

Manufacturers are packing more and more functionality into their devices, and smartphones will continue to be at the heart of these developments. For example, as we now expect our smartphones to stream movies and music, audio quality will become increasingly important and this will result in continuous innovation in audio hardware and software.