2013 predictions: Steadings Group CEO Keith Curran


Curran reckons 2013 will be a tough year for mobile operators as voice and data revenues continue to decline, whilst dealers will still provide the most valuable route to market for some players

Mobile operators will still have significant debt challenges, with continued cost-saving requirements and a scarcity of cash.

Classic voice and data revenues

will continue to decline, with the further uses of service-embedded apps and increased activities from the OTT players, but on the upside there will be significant revenue opportunities with ICT options.

Key players will realise that the real value is not with the device but what you can do with it. Customers spend significantly putting apps on devices and content on their TV. The clever industry players will start doing likewise, offering valuable mobile content to their customers.

The dealer landscape will change, as for many it’s ‘stay as I am and potentially close my business or sell out, or transform with the industry’. Unfortunately, many will regret selling out and losing that control and entrepreneurial position that really is them.

If truth were known, the dealers will still represent the most valuable route to market for many key players and the right strategic partnerships that recognise there is more lifetime value in the customer’s content usage of the device will see success for both parties. The key for the dealer is finding one of those partners.