BlackBerry unveils Z10 and Q10


The manufacturer has unveiled two new handsets which will run on its new operating system, BlackBerry 10

BlackBerry (formerly RIM) have today unveiled two handsets which will run on its new operating system, BlackBerry 10.

At a press conference in Manhattan today, RIM’s chief operating officer Thorsten Heins revealed the Z10, a touchscreen device, and the Q10, which has a qwerty keyboard.

The Z10 will go on sale first, while it is understood the Q10 will follow later in the year.

Key features of both include BlackBerry World, where users can download applications, music and games.

BlackBerry Balance is designed to keep work and personal emails separate, and the camera comes with a TimeShift mode, which allows you to scroll back a few seconds after taking the photo to adjust it.

The devices are LTE-compatible, which means they will be able to run on EE’s super-fast 4G network.

Heins said: “We have been on a journey of transformation. Its been easily the most challenging time in my career but by far the most rewarding. Best opportunity in my career. Innovation is at the heart of Rim and finally now, here we are. This is so exciting.”

“This is one of the biggest launches in our history. But today is not the finishing line, its the starting line.”

Heins said that as well as launching a new operating system, BlackBerry has also changed the way it works with partners.

“We have been working more strategically and openly with app developers, as BlackBerry 10 allows us to do so,” he said.

The OS was originally due to launch early last year but was twice delayed, first to the fourth quarter of 2012 and then to the first quarter of 2013.