Forecast predicts 2013 boost for Windows Phone and BB10


ABI Research predicts WP and BB10 operating systems will start to gain a foothold in the market this year

There will be 45 million Windows Phone and 20 million BB10 smartphones running worldwide by the end of the year, according to market analysts ABI research.

It also predicts the total number of smartphones will rise to 1.4billion globally by the end of the 2013, with 57 per cent running on Android and 21 per cent on iOS.

The forecasts would represent growth of 44 per cent on smartphone ownership year on year. ABI also predicts a strong growth in the number of tablets sold with ownership expected to rise by 125 per cent to 268 million.

ABI senior analyst Aapo Markkanen said: “2013 should be seen as relative success for both Microsoft and BlackBerry. For the end of the year, we expect there to be 45 million Windows Phone handsets in use, with BlackBerry 10 holding an installed base of close to 20 million. Microsoft will also have 5.5 million Windows-powered tablets to show for it.

“The greatest fear for both Microsoft and BlackBerry is that the initial sales of their smartphones will disappoint and thereby kill off the developer interest, which then would effectively close the window of opportunity on further sales success.

“Our view is that the installed bases of this scale would be large enough to keep these two in the game. It will definitely also help that both firms have actively kept the developers’ interest in mind while designing and rolling out their platforms.”