M-commerce JV Weve adds Vodafone to platform


Mobile commerce joint venture Weve can now run advertising campaigns across all three shareholders’ – O2, EE and Vodafone – customer bases

Weve, the mobile commerce joint venture by UK operators, has added Vodafone to its mobile advertising and commerce platform.

The move means Weve, which already runs campaigns across EE and O2’s customer base, can now extend its reach to all shareholders.

Vodafone customers will now begin to receive location-based SMS messages, on an opt-in basis, telling them of special offers.

Weve is also developing mobile wallet services which will allow users to pay for items or collect loyalty card points on their handset.

Weve’s launch CEO Nancy Cruickshank said: “The integration of Vodafone we acquire the critical mass needed to become a serious mobile marketing force.”

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