UK below average in mobile security knowledge


Microsoft global study puts UK below 15 of 20 countries surveyed about smartphone safety issues

Smartphone users in the UK are less aware of mobile security than in most of the world according to a new study by Microsoft.

The software manufacturer found just 29 per cent of UK smartphone users use a pin code, or alternative security system, on their devices and only 22 per cent would avoid connecting to an open W-Fi hotspot.

Microsoft revealed the findings as part of its global internet safety study which quizzed 10,000 people on their attitudes to the internet and the level of security they have on PCs and mobile devices.

On average, respondents in the UK were less mobile security aware than 15 of the other countries rated including the US, Canada, Australia and China. The only countries rated as less aware than the UK were Germany, Spain, South Korea and Japan.

Microsoft chief online security officer Jacqueline Beauchere said: “Mobile devices often have just as much, if not more, valuable personal information stored on them as a home computer, making mobile devices equally attractive to data-stealing criminals.

“The latest results demonstrate that no matter where or how people access the Internet, exercising safer online habits is essential. There are steps that people can take and technologies that they can employ to help prevent them from becoming a victim.”