EE defends 4G pricing strategy


EE’s CEO Olaf Swantee has said it will continue to charge five pounds more for 4G than 3G, saying this strategy is based on a number of ‘principles’

EE has defended its 4G pricing strategy, saying it will continue to charge more for the super-fast service than for 3G.

Competitor Three said earlier this week it will offer customers 4G at no extra cost.

But EE’s chief executive officer Olaf Swantee said yesterday 4G on its network will continue to cost five pounds more per month than 3G.

Swantee said this was justified as customers get five times faster mobile broadband.

He said: “We will maintain network differentiation with our pricing strategy, which we developed with a couple of principles in mind.

“It is a pricing model which allows customers to stay within their allowances.”

4G Take-up

Swantee confirmed EE will not release figures on 4G connections with its upcoming financial results as the information is commercially sensitive.

He said the information is particularly sensitive as the auction for 4G licences is still ongoing.

“What I will say is we are on track with our business model,” Swantee said.

“In 2013 EE is going to keep one step ahead, perhaps several steps ahead, and we are going to keep surprising the market.”