Vodafone CEO dismisses 4G as for ‘technofreaks’


According to Vittorio Colao most people won’t notice the difference between LTE and fast 3G data speeds using HSPA+

Vodafone CEO Vittorio Colao has dismissed 4G as being for ‘very early adopters’ and ‘technofreaks’ in a media conference call on the firm’s financial results.

Discussing how EE’s 4G network has effected his own company’s performance in the UK he told journalists he hadn’t heard anyone – friends, colleagues or businesses mention they needed the service and that he believed it was only of limited interest to the majority.

He also revealed he visited an EE store to test out the service and saw only ‘technofreaks’.

Colao said: “I haven’t seen any figures but when I visited an EE store to see how fast it was all I saw was technofreaks in there. I haven’t heard any calls from friends, colleagues of businesses that we need this fast internet.

“With the increase in data speeds of HSPA+ (a faster version of 3G) an early LTE network won’t be much different.”