2012 predictions: Sony VP North Western Europe Pierre Perron


Manufacturers will have to produce high-end smartphones to reflect consumer personalities, according to Perron, who adds that a broader entertainment experience
on devices will also emerge

This year is sure to be another exciting year for the mobile industry – smartphones are no longer just a tool for communication but instead are a reflection of our personalities. They reflect our style as much as the clothes we wear, so it’s important that the industry provides handsets that are premium in both design and features.

The advent of 4G mobile networks is also very exciting. The need for technology that delivers information at a speed capable of keeping up with the demands of work and personal life is fundamental.

Another growing trend is that of sharing content and connectivity between multiple devices. Due to this, engaging content and access to a wealth of entertainment on your smartphone is becoming more and more important. In 2013, smartphones will be breaking new ground in technological innovation to provide consumers with a complete entertainment experience in their pocket.