2013 predictions: Avenir Telecom MD Andy Tow


Tow says a number of manufacturers will fight back this year, in particular Nokia and BlackBerry, with Microsoft using Windows 8 to build a niche in the business market

2013 will most likely see a resurgence of Nokia, BlackBerry, Microsoft and HTC, following a year which has seen the market dominated by Apple and Samsung, for both smartphones and tablets. Although the mobile phone market may be saturated, there is still a lot of room for growth in the smartphone market.  Low-cost smartphones are needed to stimulate the market. Nokia has a great opportunity to capitalise on this.

BlackBerry should have a prosperous 2013. They still have almost 80 million subscribers worldwide which, together with the much- anticipated upcoming launch of BlackBerry 10, puts them in a perfect position for refocusing their attention on B2B.

Windows is still the global leader in IT operating systems and continues to go from strength to strength following the launch of the Windows Phone 8 OS. With the launch of their brand-new Surface tablet, Microsoft has taken the business market into consideration, finding a neat niche between a laptop and a stand-alone tablet, and will be one to watch in 2013.