2013 predictions: Olive Communications MD Mark Geraghty


According to Geraghty, a surge in the tablet market will force companies to revise their online strategies, with consumerisation pushing them into taking BYOD seriously

It is widely reported that tablet sales will outstrip notebook sales for the first time this year and this will be a primary driver for UK companies to revisit their web and internet strategies with a radical shift to design and functionality for smartphone and tablet interaction in order to maximise the massive increase in mobile computing.

As a result, consumerisation will start to take a real hold in the UK and force organisations that

deploy mobiles to its corporate citizens to take BYOD seriously for the first time. This in turn will cause diminishing voice revenues to be replaced with a proliferation of MDM licensing and an increasing need for meaningful management controls and up-to-the-minute MI around usage and policy compliance.

IT departments will grapple with the need to control infrastructure owned by their employees and managed service providers that can assist with this challenge will win out and gain market share from traditional resellers. In the land of network operators, Vodafone and Telefónica will take a further hold of the enterprise market.