2013 predictions: Micro-P Mobile manager John Doughty


Mobile devices will contribute to more of what we do in our daily

lives, according to Doughty, while competition in the operating system sector will make for an intriguing first half of the year

Our mobiles are more than just communication devices – they are the remote control to our worlds, and we will see that increasing over 2013. From using your device to manage your life, lifestyle, money and home to staying connected with friends and family, everything will become more integrated into a world and technologies such as NFC will continue to drive your mobile device being at the hub of this world.

We will use our phones to pay for goods and services, to turn on the heating and the TV when we get home, and to transfer the song we are listening to on our device to our wireless speaker, headphones and even TV.

The launch of Windows 8 will also add a stronger dynamic to the marketplace. A strong Microsoft OS particularly for enterprise, plus the already strong Android and iOS platforms and the imminent launch of BB10, will make for an interesting first six months.