2013 predictions: Bluechipworld MD Simon Hassell


This year will be a case of ‘survival of the fittest’, according to Hassell, while mobile accessory sales will continue to grow as consumers demand more from their devices

During 2013, only the strongest will survive. Businesses with good management teams across finance, sales, marketing and logistics will grow and consolidation through distribution in the marketplace will continue.

The iPhone 5 launch has opened further opportunities for mobile phone accessories and will continue to do so, while core accessories remain FMCG that fly off the shelves such as in-car chargers and mains chargers.

The growth in audio will continue, with more and more people using their phone as the source of their music. Other phone manufacturers like Samsung will continue to do exceptionally well. Nokia will improve their market share with their Lumia range of products driving their comeback.

More and more users expect more from their device and will not question spending to enhance their experience.

Convergence of technology continues with more and more applications

replacing standalone devices such as cameras, sat navs and music players.

In summary, mobile will continue to change people’s lives. Today, the mobile phone and its enhancements are responsible for the way people live their lives, whether that’s social media, shopping, gambling or banking – it’s all on one device.