2013 predictions: Brightstar CEO Marcelo Claure


Claure thinks there will be significant growth in buy-back and trade-in volumes, with the emergence of connected devices also continuing

To try to predict what will happen in the wireless industry in 2013 is a near impossible feat. Technology and innovation in the space are moving at speeds, and in directions, none of us could have foreseen in recent years.

Of the 327 million mobile devices in use in the US, only approximately eight per cent are recycled. Despite commendable efforts in place, the numbers are still low, leaving significant room for improvement in this area. The emergence of buy-back and trade-in as a lucrative business opportunity will help propel this area to the forefront, so next year we think we will see a significant increase in buy-back and trade-in volumes.

With the emergence of the connected economy and a projected 25 billion connected devices by 2015, it is more pressing than ever to address and resolve these issues as well as ensure the ability of existing networks and systems to sustain this growth. Issues relating to spectrum and speed will be important considerations.

Despite the challenges and unknowns, we are very optimistic and expect 2013 to be another exciting year for the wireless industry.