2013 predictions: Daisy Distribution MD Dave McGinn


McGinn reckons that with Microsoft making moves to drive its software across multiple platforms and vendors, the channel will need to react and thus push towards a unified communications market

With Microsoft launching its Windows 8 operating system – which sits across desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and even in the cloud with Microsoft 365 – Microsoft seems to be making a serious play in driving its software across multiple platforms and vendors.

The channel will need to be aware of this and embrace the opportunity, which represents another shift towards a unified communications market and, significantly, may take the mobile decision-making away from its traditional sources and move it more towards the IT function as it becomes more of an integrated component.

However, it won’t just be Microsoft which is focusing on unifi ed communications. This is an area which will continue to gain momentum across all providers in 2013. Following Vodafone’s acquisition of Cable & Wireless earlier this year, they will undoubtedly be looking to drive that asset and we can expect to see some early evidence of that during the year.

With analysts already increasing its share price, BlackBerry is also set to have a successful start to the New Year with the launch of the BB10 operating system and supporting devices.