2013 predictions: Mainline MD Andrew Boden


Boden reckons 4G will dominate this year, as businesses find more ways of making the best of the technology, with dealers playing a key role in conveying these benefits to them

Everything points to 2013 being the year of 4G. A growing number of businesses will recognise and take advantage of the efficiency savings and productivity boosts provided by high-speed mobile working through the use of cloud and other technologies.Demand will also be fuelled by the increase in the number of compatible smartphones and other devices.

As an EE distributor, we have an exclusive window to meet this demand, but we’re also confident that the introduction of competing 4G services by other operators will only serve to bolster demand across the board.

While awareness of 4G will grow significantly, comprehending and conveying the real benefits of the service for business will be key for dealers when presenting solutions to existing and prospective clients. The advent of 4G and the advantages it brings in terms of speed, capacity and availability are also being recognised by a growing number of IT resellers who have effectively ignored mobile to date, but who are now deciding to incorporate the technology into their service platform.

This will increase the number of players in the 4G marketplace, a space that will undoubtedly be competitive, but which has plenty of potential. Each mobile dealer’s success will be influenced by the effort they invest in promoting and selling 4G and by the level and quality of support they receive from their distributor.