2013 predictions: Nokia UK and Ireland VP Conor Pierce


Pierce thinks that growing competition will lead to manufacturers providing a more complete package, while the mass introduction of 4G will lead to more flexible working in the B2B market

Last year saw some really exciting hardware and platform developments within the smartphone market, as well as a number of technology innovations that have been unveiled.

People increasingly expect smartphones to keep them connected, informed and entertained, as well as doubling up as a music player, camera and personal navigator. This expectation is leading to heightened competition that is having a positive impact on the industry, as it’s prompting manufacturers to develop smartphones that provide a complete package in terms of integrated apps and services.

The mass roll-out of 4G in 2013 will have a huge impact, not only on the mobile industry in general but for consumers as well. 4G will allow people to use devices in a way that enhances their digital life at a time when data usage is increasing 250 per cent year on year. The speed and reliability with which 4G will handle mobile internet and data will also provide opportunities for businesses, allowing employers and employees more freedom to work in a way which suits them.