2013 predictions: O2 business director Ben Dowd


Dowd believes the success of SMEs will be crucial to the UK’s economic recovery, with bigger firms key in helping smaller ones reach their full potential

If 2012 has been the year of the start-up, 2013 will be the test bed of entrepreneurial success in Britain.

Against the backdrop of one of the UK’s toughest economic periods, as we enter the New Year, now is the time for all businesses to re-evaluate what they’re doing, how they’re doing it and take steps to reignite innovation in the UK and map Britain’s digital future.

With UK SMEs representing a combined turnover of £1,500 billion and over 14 million jobs for UK workers, their success is undoubtedly crucial to economic recovery.

I believe that in 2013, big businesses have a greater role to play in helping smaller players reach their full potential, by applying their assets to help catalyse the success of start-ups and SMEs to fuel a progressive, digital Britain.