2013 predictions: Simply Mobile MD Matthew Morrow


Morrow says dealers will continue to ensure customers stay with them, with the networks strengthening relationships with those that wish to make landline sales

2013 will see fewer players with a stronger degree of capability. Many mobile partners will focus on expanding their portfolios and look at new revenue opportunities to increase customers’ overall spend and stickiness.

The work that the mobile networks have put into their unified comms will begin to gain greater traction.

It will be very challenging to compete on landline without the support of the major networks, therefore 2013 will see the networks strengthen relationships with dealers that are willing to collaborate. Partners will be ‘encouraged’ to sell exactly what the network decides. This must be viewed as a positive move.

The dealer channel will continue to consolidate.

As the networks fight for new business, unlimited tariffs will become the norm. conventional voice, in certain situations will become VoIP.

The ICT market offers vast opportunity for partners wanting to replace their lost mobile revenue. Partners wanting to develop these opportunities will have to work on the necessary skill sets to take advantage of the potential that will present itself.

2013 could be the year things change for Apple. Without Steve Jobs, Apple has been a different place. The paint on iPhones didn’t scratch off with Steve around and Maps worked, small points perhaps, but interesting to note. With other manufacturers creating fantastic products Apple need to do something special in 2013 to keep the fans happy.