2013 predictions: Six Degrees Group CEO Alastair Mills


Mills says BlackBerry’s long-term

future will depend on the success experienced by BB10, and that the success of Windows 8 will determine how well Microsoft Surface sells

4G will not be transformational but will deliver a richer user experience. Mobile video, both calling and streaming, will drive new device adoption and will also see companies utilising cloud-based services as they look to push more and more content out to smartphones and tablets. 2013 may be

unlucky for some – unless BlackBerry 10 is an unexpected success, BlackBerry is unlikely to survive as an independent business.

Competitive forces will mean that Apple will continue to lose market share, especially in tablets, but it will take comfort from having a smaller share of a far larger market than 2012. Finally, IT departments are showing a lot of interest in Microsoft Surface, as it allows them to bring more control in-house as they look to move from BYOD to company-provided tablets. Will interest turn into sales? The success of Windows 8 depends on it, but we’ll have to wait and see.