2013 predictions: Sprint Comms MD Paul Leonard


Leonard says the market will need to act collectively to ensure 4G is a success, while consolidation in the dealer market will continue

The arrival of 4G gives the UK mobile data speeds it actually deserves. Manufacturers will need to create an ecosystem of handsets that are compatible with all 4G variants and a range of price points to optimise on market conditions.

Due to the continuation of the recession and the cost of travelling continuing to rise, this will inevitably lead to increased sales in products that allow remote collaboration and more customers will make purchasing decisions remotely leading to a rise in regulated call centre activity as cost to serve is driven down.

The independent dealer community will continue to consolidate, with smaller players being consumed by the bigger ones. Dealers will need to work even smarter to carve out a niche as the sales by discount becomes an outdated model

and adding value to the customer proposition will be key.