EE’s 4G speeds meeting targets according to study


Rootmetrics tests of 4G performance in Liverpool, Cardiff and Sheffield shows high reliability of services

Network analysis firm Rootmetrics has found EE’s 4G speeds in Cardiff, Liverpool and Sheffield are more than twice as fast as 3G connections in the same areas.

The study, undertaken in December, looked at how 4G performed within the three cities compared to 3G offered by EE and rival networks.

The average speed of a download on 4GEE was 7.9Mbps in Sheffield, 9.4Mbps in Liverpool and 11.8Mbps in Cardiff, according to the study, in-line with EE’s headline claims.

The 4G service was also found to be reliable with few downloads stopped part-way through. In cardiff 94 per cent were completed successfully with figures of 93.9 per cent in Sheffield and 92.9 per cent in Liverpool.

Within the city boundaries of the three areas Rootmetrics investigated, it found a 4G connection was available 71.3 per cent of the time in Cardiff, 58.7 per cent in Liverpool and 48.7 per cent in Sheffield.

Rootmetrics president and CEO Bill Moore said: “The launch of 4G in the UK will bring a massive change, and while the mobile industry has been wrapped up in claims and counter-claims, consumers have been left wondering whether 4G is really all that exciting.

“For its part, EE’s 4G network has lived up to its own promises: speeds are meeting EE’s pledges and indoor performance is reasonably good. At the same time, the technology is more powerful than the bar that has been set, and there should be room for further improvement.

“When it comes to availability of EE 4G in city centres, the picture is positive if not universally excellent. We see the percentage of 4G improving in line with other (international) launches, but there are some notable variations like people in Cardiff getting a better service than those in Sheffield, despite paying the same. And in nearby suburbs, the picture is mixed as to whether 4G is available yet.”