2013 prdictions: Crystal Ball MD Raj Singh


Apple will lose market share to Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10, according to Singh, who adds that 4G popularity will grow but will require considerable investment from the networks

Demand for Windows Phone 8 and BB10 will take a big bite out of Apple’s B2B market share.

We recently polled our partners to ask where they thought demand would lie next year between WP8 and iOS. The final results were surprisingly even and Apple did not have the clear advantage we were expecting. Microsoft and BlackBerry are major players when it comes to business solutions. They are back and in good shape with their latest operating systems, although they still have a tough task to match the popularity of Android.

4G has now arrived and, once the hype has settled, its popularity will continue to grow as the service is rolled out by the other network providers. However, this will take considerable investment and time before any of them achieve a commercial service that we can all take advantage of everywhere.

Mobile resellers just concentrating on selling mobile voice and data are going to find it even tougher in 2013 as margins become squeezed even further in an already heavily commoditised market.

They will need to differentiate, go back to their roots and start selling solutions again, otherwise they will simply disappear or be swallowed up.