2013 predictions: Fonehouse chairman Clive Bayley


 Bayley is predicting that 4G will have a big impact and become a must-have to consumers, as well as a mix of consolidation and more start-ups emerging

2013 has to be a turning point. In many ways it will be the start of the new century as the old ideas finally get laid to rest.

I think it’s great that we have a high-speed network and it will transform our businesses over the following months, which has to be good news. Change is good and change is in the air.

4G will be the new battlefield. Soon, customer awareness will demand faster speeds for data transmission. Early adopters and city dwellers will need to have the new system and keep ahead of the tech pack – it will be a must-have to a wider and wider audience.

EE will reap the benefit of these customers until Vodafone and 02 launch mid-year – then we will see a bit of price competition as usual.

More consolidation, yes, but also more start-ups and changes in marketing. More desire for ownership of the consumer – almost tribal – and still highly competitive and value offerings as we very slowly climb out of recession.
A gearing-up of expertise levels in our industry and a redefining of who does what. More professionalism and accountability, better service, smarter thinking. Its going to be a fun, fun year.