2013 predictions: Mobile Apps Warehouse MD David Hinc


 Hinc reckons BB10 and Windows Phone 8 may loosen Android’s grip on the mobile operating system market, with tablets also beginning to make a big impact

Mobile operating systems will continue to dictate the fortunes of device manufacturers,

with Android’s dominance being potentially diluted by the launch of BB10 and continued adoption of Windows Phone 8 and RT devices.

2013 will undoubtedly be the year of the tablet, but the success

of hardware manufacturers will be similarly heavily influenced by the choice of operating system, the roll-out and local availability of 4G services and, in B2B markets, by the availability of line-of-business applications.

Mobile transaction and payment services will continue to extend the reach of tablets and smartphones into face-to-face sales scenarios offering a more engaged and intimate sales experience  inside traditional retail environments.