2013 predictions: MoCo managing director Ian Robinson


Robinson is predicting a continuing battle with falling voice revenues but the rising demand for data services over 4G or fixed broadband will provide a key growth area for the operators

The internet has taken us into a new dimension and changed the  way we communicate while broadband telecommunications have drastically changed the way we share information.

In 2012, we have battled to provide free of charge smartphones against a backdrop of falling voice revenues. But the ensuing smart device war may turn out to be our friend. The battle with falling voice revenues will intensify further, with the roll-out of free-to-talk apps. But the resulting huge demand for data services over mobile LTE or fixed broadband will be the key growth driver for operators, distributors and partners alike, coupled with added-value ICT sales.

The general awareness of cloud services will make the adoption of things like Microsoft Office 365 an easier sell into B2B and aid the migration of more services to the cloud. The network operators appear to have this as part of their plans for their plans for the future, adding a further element to upsell to the monthly bill.

Distributors and their partners must continue to work together to save their customers money, but we must also engage with them in a dialogue about how they are using telecommunications technology in their business and be in a position to offer reliable and secure solutions to enable more innovative working practices than today.