2013 predictions: Vodafone enterprise director Peter Kelly


Kelly thinks businesses will see the advantages of better ways of working using mobile technology, with the introduction of 4G providing a further boost to this

In 2013, more and more British businesses will reap the benefits of the better ways of working that can be introduced through the smart use of mobile technology as they look to increase productivity, save costs and improve employee retention.

The arrival of competitive 4G services in the coming year will provide a further boost to this trend as it will allow workers to download and send larger presentations and take part in high-quality video conferences when they are out of the office.

Many businesses across the UK used the Olympics as a chance to test out their flexible working practices and the opportunity now is to help them embed the lessons they learned during the summer into their business for the future. This is not just a trend for big business and the public sector. Implementing the better ways of working that are created by good use of mobile technology can also help small businesses thrive and compete more fiercely with their larger rivals.