2013 predictions: Azzurri Comms CTO Rufus Grig


 Consumers will need help with significant performance issues caused by a surge in wireless traffic, says Grig, while businesses will need to establish how to be the most effective without stretching themselves financially

In 2012, the BYOD market hype reached fever pitch. Organisations are striving to adapt to the proliferation of consumer mobile devices entering the workplace, but there is still no well-defined starting point or best practice path to follow.

The proliferation of Wi-Fi-only devices, such as tablets and smartphones, is forcing a rapid rethink in the way Wi-Fi is provisioned in business environments. Previously considered as an overlay for wired networks, Wi-Fi now becomes the primary access mechanism for workers using these devices. But this surge in wireless traffic opens up the potential for significant performance issues, capacity concerns and security vulnerabilities – all of which customers need help with.

Consumers increasingly want to interact with firms via the contact methods of their choosing. With the rise of social media, these methods are even more diverse and managing them increasingly complex. Organisations therefore need to take decisions about how they manage interactions across different channels (SMS, IM, Facebook) and how they set themselves up to deliver the most effective service without stretching their budget to breaking point.