2013 predictions: Data Select director of marketing Jason Kemp


Kemp is confident BlackBerry 10 can have the desired effect for the manufacturer this year, and also thinks interest will rise in Windows 8 but isn’t sure it will be enough to save Nokia

Looking at 2013 from a hardware distribution perspective, it’s going to be exciting. 2012 was a two-horse race between Apple and Samsung, but next year it’s all change. BB10 will be the first challenge to the status quo and from what I’ve seen already, it has everything to reinstate BlackBerry as a force to be reckoned with to both consumers and business people. It will be good to see BlackBerry back in the game.

Next up is Windows 8, and with the constant upgrading of PCs it’s only natural consumers will look at the total Windows 8 ecosystem, which in turn will have a knock-on effect in hardware. Whether it will be enough to save Nokia I don’t know, because Samsung and HTC will have very strong Windows 8 devices also.

This year will be very challenging for Motorola and LG, the former seemingly lacking direction from Google and the latter falling further and further into the shadow of its Korean rival. I also think HTC have a tough year ahead, but if they have the right product road map they will do OK.

I expect Sony to continue their revival – they have a great brand, work well with the channel and are well regarded. With such heritage and a strong ecosystem of products and content I expect to see Sony get stronger in 2013.

Overall, from a hardware perspective 2013 looks like the year of increased choice and increased competition.