2013 predictions: Doro UK MD Chris Millington


 Millington reckons

There will be continued and significant growth in the senior mobile market in 2013. The year-on-year growth so far has been fantastic and this means more retailers and networks will take this market opportunity more seriously. This will also become a greater opportunity as other devices which are complex and difficult to use will encourage people to search for simplicity and ease of use. Smartphones will be a part of the senior mobile market.

2013 will be interesting because of BlackBerry 10, Windows 8 and the poor reaction to the iPhone 5. The disappointment with the iPhone 5 is a problem not just for Apple, but for the whole industry. Increased competition from Nokia and Windows will give BlackBerry the pressure to ensure its new OS can make a comeback in the business sector. I predict that the biggest casualty in 2013 will be Apple as it doesn’t really have anything new to offer in the mobile industry.

The connected camera could really influence the world of mobile for the first time as well this year. Never be surprised, this industry changes very fast.