2013 predictions: Lycamobile CEO Milind Kangle


 Kangle thinks MVNOs will reap the benefit from the mass introduction of 4G, which will become a universal feature to reach out to a wider audience

The roll-out of 4G will beget major new opportunities for MVNOs across the spectrum as end users look for the best of both worlds.

2012 saw the biggest advancement in mobile technology in several years – the launch of 4G. Shrouded in controversy, with just the one MNO – the freshly rebranded EE – offering the superfast data connection a full year ahead of its competitors, soon the conversation turned to the benefits for MVNO customers.

As network operators fulfil their promise of introducing 4G to MVNOs, by the end of 2013 we can expect to see 4G become less an expensive silo for high-end contracts and more a universal feature with a number of pricing models available and a broader client base able to use it to its full potential.