2013 predictions: Mobile Fun MD Mohammed Hussain


 It will be a defining year for BlackBerry as Nokia once again struggles, says Hussain, while price points among tablets will continue to be aggressive

2013 will likely be a ‘make or break’ year for BlackBerry. We see them introducing a new handset and operating system as a last attempt at gaining market share. Nokia, too, will experience another tough year with its bid to claw back market share from Apple with Windows Phone devices.

Microsoft will also release its own device, but it will be competing against traditional smartphones as well as innovation such as flexible displays and bendy screens.

Looking at tablets, price points will continue to be aggressive, with Apple, Amazon and Google being the main players. We will continue to see iPads used for business, while rival tablets such as Microsoft Surface Pro and hybrid tablet/notebook products will experience increased adoption.

NFC and mobile payments will continue to experience increased adoption, though I don’t see them becoming mainstream in 2013.

In terms of e-commerce, we will see retailers expanding internationally as shoppers continue to look for competitive pricing and are increasingly shopping online.