SteelSeries predicts ‘explosion’ in mobile gaming


Gaming accessories manufacturer predicts that smartphones and tablets will replace consoles and are taking revenue from games consoles makers

SteelSeries is predicting an ‘explosion’ in mobile gaming over the next few years, as tablets and smartphones replace consoles.

The North American company, which signed with distributor Data Select in October last year, told Mobile News there is increasing convergence between traditional games consoles, such as the Xbox 360, and
tablet devices.

The manufacturer said smartphones, and more so tablets, are encroaching on the gaming marketplace, and taking revenue from games console makers.

Market research shows that by 2014, the value of the games console market is expected to fall to $18.5 million (£11.8 million), in comparison to the $11.4 billion (£7.3 billion) mobile gaming market.

SteelSeries marketing and PR director James Dean said a survey carried out via its Facebook page revealed 25,688 of the 32,600 people who responded said they already play online games using their smartphone or tablet device.

The survey also revealed 66 per cent of tablet owners play online daily, compared to 53 per cent of smartphones users.

The change in gaming habits, encouraged by the ease and affordability of downloading games, means SteelSeries is looking to partner with mobile operators, manufacturers and retailers.

SteelSeries products, including a mobile controller designed for tablets such as the iPad, are currently sold through mobile retailers Expansys and Clove, as well as through Data Select.

Dean said: “We are talking to the larger buyers, the bigger high street [mobile] retailers.”

SteelSeries regional marketing director for EMEA Gillian Tune said the company also aims to work with mobile and tablet manufacturers.

Tune said: “With the competition between tablet manufacturers they want to add value – something to pull the proposition together.”

She added SteelSeries is looking to offer its products as part of a bundle with smartphones or tablets.