Google unveils touchscreen Chromebook


Google’s latest Chromebook comes in wifi and LTE models and has a higher pixel density than Apple’s MacBooks

Google has unveiled a 13-inch touchscreen laptop, to run on Microsoft’s operating system Windows 8.

The Chromebook Pixel, which went on sale in the UK and US yesterday, boasts a higher resolution than Apple’s MacBooks, with 239 pixels per inch.

The laptop with Wi-Fi and 32GB of flash storage costs $1,299 (£852), and a 64GB model that can connect on a 4G LTE network $1,499 (£983).

Google said: “It’s one of the most exciting times in the history of personal computing, thanks to a rapid pace of change, innovation and consumer adoption of devices.

“Our goal is to continue to push the experience forward for everyone, working with the entire ecosystem to build the next generation of Chrome OS devices.”