EE sales up 10 per cent every week since 4G launch


Swantee to tell audience that we are close to a golden age in mobile

EE has experienced sales growth of 10 per cent every week since launching 4G last November, with over 1,000 UK businesses in the UK now using the technology.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee will reveal the detail in his keynote speech this afternoon at Mobile W0rld Congress, starting at 3pm. He will tell the audience the network is seeing average speeds of more than 16Mbps and peak speeds of 50Mbps on a regular basis, adding: “That’s some of the fastest 4G speeds in Europe.”

Swantee will announce that the average 4G customer uses 1.4GB of data per month, with over a quarter of its 4G traffic video-based, with 11 per cent on You Tube alone. Beyond video, maps, mobile banking and video calling in particular have seen the biggest uplift in use compared to 3G.

“With 4G taking off with EE in the UK and from other operators across Europe, I believe we are on the cusp of something very special – a golden age of mobile,” he will say.

The operator’s CEO will also share his initial thoughts on the first day of MWC, saying: “It’s clear that the network is back as the hero of the mobile industry. Super-fast and super-reliable, it allows you to do more, play more, trade more.

“And that always-connected, superfast network is having a major impact on what people can do with their devices and therefore how manufacturers are designing their kit.”

“It’s clear that the mobile industry – and the superfast network in particular – is at the very centre of industry and enterprise in the 21st century.”