ZTE expecting to grow smartphone revenues by 30pc in 2013


Firm to focus on high-end market, building its brand, software and hardware design capabilities, as well as developing new routes to market

ZTE is expecting to grow smartphone revenues by 30 per cent this year and maintain its position as one of the top four global handset manufacturer.

The company made the claim at Mobile World Congress this morning, adding it will focus on the high-end smartphone market, building the ZTE brand, software and hardware design capabilities and developing routes to market.

According to analyst house IDC, ZTE shipped 65 million handsets last year, accounting for 3.8 per cent of the global handset market and confirming it as one of the top four manufacturers.

It added that revenues from China, the US and Europe now account for more than 70 per cent of its handset revenues, with the majority of those being smartphone sales.

ZTE also revealed that revenues from distribution channels now make up more than 15 per cent of total handset revenues.

This year ZTE will also launch four websites to further develop its consumer presence – www.ztedevices.com for the global market, www.ztedevices.com.cn for China, www.ztedevices.com/us for America and www.ztedevices.com/uk for the UK.

It said that within the next three-to-five years, it expects to develop websites in a further 30 countries to provide product information and support, with all sites optimised for mobile device access.

ZTE EVP and head of mobile devices devision He Shiyou said:

“We know that our future success means we have to build the ZTE brand, and another target for us is to be a top 5 vendor in terms of brand awareness and reputation within the next three years. 2013 is the final year of our three year transformation into a high-end smartphone brand, but we have a lot of building still to do.

“As I have said before, we aim to be a top 3 handset manufacturer by 2015. This target has not changed.

“In 2013 we will target the high-end product market, build our brand, further enhance our hardware and software design capabilities, and rapidly build our routes to market through multiple channels, pursuing both the OEM/ODM and carrier/channel markets.

“The main trends at the top end of the handset market are what we call the 4S trends – slim, screen, speed and safe. Slim means reducing device thickness and being stylish without affecting the battery capability; screen obvious means large, high-definition screens, which is one of the most important characteristics for consumers; speed means that as much as possible we will have dual-core, quad-core or even eight-core platforms in the future; and safe means that even with a large number of installed apps, consumers do not have to worry about the safety of their device.

“ZTE will focus on product development in these areas to satisfy consumer needs to the greatest extent possible.”