Vodafone most unreliable network in two major cities


RootMetrics research says operator topped list for the highest number of calls failing to connect in two out of the three cities it analysed signal quality in

Vodafone has been found to be the most unreliable network in Sheffield and Cardiff, with almost eight per cent of calls failing to connect.

This is according to signal testing firm RootMetrics which analysed signal quality across all UK networks in Sheffield, Cardiff and Liverpool at the end of 2012.

RootMetrics told Mobile News it used “popular smartphones” in several different locations across the cities, performing 34,500 tests on calls, mobile downloads and uploads and text messages.

The results in Cardiff showed 7.7 per cent of calls from a Vodafone SIM failed to connect or dropped, compared to 4.6 per cent on Three, 2.2 per cent on O2 and 1.5 per cent on EE.

In Sheffield, 6.1 per cent of Vodafone’s calls failed, compared with 3.5 per cent of O2, 2.4 per cent of calls on EE and 2.8 per cent on Three.

All the operators fared well during network reliability tests in Liverpool, with all achieving a sub-three per cent failure rate.

Vodafone declined to comment on the study.