Samsung hosts app developer day


Manufacturer holds event for third successive year to introduce new developer tools and partnerships with content and service providers

Samsung has hosted its annual developer day at Mobile World Congress, inviting more than 500 app developers globally to boost its mobile ecosystem.

It is the third successive year Samsung has held the event at the App Planet, with the venue doubled in size to showcase its latest platform technologies and content services.

One session featured the open API (application performance interface) for the Samsung Wallet service, which allows users to collect coupons, membership cards, tickets and boarding passes from partners’ applications and store them in one place.

Content and service provider EA Chillingo announced a program to allow independent developers who distribute their apps through the Samsung Apps marketplace to retain 100 per cent of all sales revenue during the first six months following an app launch.

Other sessions included demonstrations of AdHub – a new advertising-based revenue-generating service for developers, and AllShare Framework – a tool allowing developers to apply cross-device convergence functionality into their applications.

Samsung UK and Ireland vice president of its IM division Simon Stanford (pictured) said:  “Samsung is committed to building a strong community of developers that can take advantage of published APIs for our unique content and services. As a true global player, we will continue to develop our relationships with developers to ensure that our consumers get access to some of the most innovative apps and services on their smartphones and tablets.”